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Technical, financial, legal, medical, and scientific translations in all languages; standard and sworn translations; multilingual website localisation; transcreation; copywriting; multilingual formatting and DTP services. Management of manuals and processing of all file types and fonts, also for Mac. Plus: consecutive, simultaneous, liaison and telephone interpreting; complete document-management; and integrated language services for companies and organisations, both public and private.

Over the last 27 years, Intrawelt® has consolidated its leadership in the professional translation industry, providing thousands of customers with excellent translations and language services in many different sectors - a reliable, expert partner for all your professional translation and interpreting needs.

Find out how to add value to your company with our services.


  • traduzione

    Translation and localisation

    Intrawelt® offers a full range of language services:

    • Standard and sworn translations for any language combination;
    • Translation of legal texts;
    • Financial translations;
    • Medical translations;
    • Technical translations;
    • Translations of marketing material;
    • Translations and localisation of websites and multimedia presentations;

    We offer comprehensive document management services, including DTP - tailor-made projects to meet specific customer requirements.

  • interpretariato


    Intrawelt® also offers highly professional interpreting services and guarantees a thorough and punctual service, delivered in line with the high quality standards required by UNI 10574:2007 certification:

    • Liaison interpreting in Italy and abroad;
    • Telephone and teleconference interpreting;
    • Simultaneous interpreting (with relevant equipment);
    • Consecutive interpreting and chuchotage.

  • interpretariato

    Specialist fields

    Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in many sectors, collaborating constantly with our customers and offering our experience as linguists and translators.

    In this way, we have laid the necessary foundations for guaranteeing translation and interpreting services that always meet our customers' highest expectations. Our translators and proofreaders are mother-tongue experts specialised in specific sectors, enabling us to consistently offer top quality, with close attention paid to terminology.

  • interpretariato


    Our quotes are always clear and transparent. A "per-word" and not a "per-page" tariff is normally applied. The "page" - never well defined as a unit - is now a relic of the past (when the translator worked with a typewriter, inserting a sheet of paper and setting the length and the number of lines, thus defining the "page"). Today, all serious and competent professionals know that this method is no longer applicable and causes confusion and calculation errors. By contrast, a word count of the source text is much clearer and enables the customer to understand the scale and price of the project immediately.


The production cycle - method and rigour

We manage every single translation and every service requested skilfully and professionally: from a simple label to a complex multilingual project or an advertising launch in several countries, we offer the most appropriate resources to provide our Customers with the best possible service. The production stage involves careful and rigorous processes, in which detailed and effective checks are carried out on all aspects of the documents managed, to ensure maximum terminological and stylistic consistency.

  • Customer Request

    Step One

    Customer Request

    The customer contacts one of our sales team or the head office, indicating their language-service needs and sending the material to be translated, or any reference material in the case of an interpreting project.

  • Consulation and Quote

    Step Two

    Consulation and Quote

    The customer is offered support and guidance in choosing the right service, based on specific requirements. In the case of a translation, the files are analysed in order to give a quote for the total cost and assess the resources required for the project, based on the customer's schedule.

  • Organisation of Resources and Assignment of Workload

    Step Three

    Organisation of Resources and Assignment of Workload

    The resources required for the service requested are engaged and supplied with the materials they need. In the case of a translation, the first version of the text is completed during this step.

  • Technical revision, creation of glossaries and document formatting

    Step Four

    Technical revision, creation of glossaries and document formatting

    Once the service has been completed, a technical revision is carried out to assess quality. In the case of a translation, a native speaker specialised in the field in question revises the text. During this step, glossaries are also created to aid the linguists in future work for the same customer. If the translated material requires specific formatting, this is performed at this stage by qualified professionals

  • Quality control; delivery to customer with after-sales assistance

    Step Five

    Quality control; delivery to customer with after-sales assistance

    Detailed quality-control checks are carried out to ensure that the translation corresponds to the material received in the source language. If the translation is approved, the translated material is delivered to the customer, who then evaluates it, giving any feedback or further instructions for adjustments that may be required. The material is delivered with the methods and time frame defined in step two.

Quality - More than a Matter of Words

Our production cycles and all our company's activities have been certified by TÜV Italia, in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN 17100:2015 and UNI 10574:2007. So Quality for us is not just "a matter of words", a slogan to decorate our website, but a tangible, certified feature of our work, of every word we translate, in their tens of thousands every day.

Tools - Cutting-edge technology and techniques

We use the best translation hardware and software. We know the translation industry inside-out, including all the tools that make it possible to process and translate texts professionally. From a simple MS Office word icon excel icon powerpoint icon or Acrobat acrobat icon document, to a complex project with graphics applications such as QuarkXpress quark icon, Adobe InDesign indesign icon, Photoshop photoshop icon, Illustrator illustrator icon, Corel Draw coreldraw icon, Frame Maker framemaker icon etc. or technical drawing programs, such as AutoCad autocad icon, or website building languages such as HTML HTML icon, php, java, jsp, flash, etc., you can be sure that your project is in good hands.


Our customers - The best possible business card

We work with the best and most important Italian and foreign companies, who have been using our value-added services for years. Go ahead and contact one of our sales managers and we'll provide you with all the references you need and a comprehensive portfolio of completed projects to prove our solid experience and professionalism.

From the beginning of 2018:


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Value-added services - More than just a translation

Our industry has a very low entry level. In short, anyone who says they know a foreign language can offer themselves as potential translators and/or someone who can manage these services. But translations are much more than a simple rendering of a text into another language, and the added value of any translation project can be seen immediately in the people involved and the ability they demonstrate

Our translators and proofreaders - a guarantee of professionalism;

All of our translators and proofreaders have been selected with great care on the basis of their academic education and all have at least five years' experience in the translation industry. They are professionals who work in translation on a regular basis and offer excellent technical, linguistic and cultural skills. A closely collaborative and reliable team of hundreds of translators available in various language combinations to guarantee the best results every time.

Why a structured agency?

99% of customers are confused and don't understand why there are such dramatic differences in price between one provider and another. At the end of the day, a translation is just a translation... How can you find your way through the jungle of offers now available on the market? Here is our advice to identify the provider most suited to your needs:

INTRAWELT Translation agency Freelance translator
Certified translation
Guaranteed skills
In-house team
Insurance coverage
Multilingual interpreting services
Multilingual projects
Document formatting, DTP
Commercial consulting
Cutting-edge tools
Specially designed management software
Multilingual glossaries
24/7 availability
of translators
Translation agency Translation agency
Freelance translator Freelance translator



Intrawelt® was founded in 1991 in a small town in Le Marche: Porto Sant'Elpidio. It grew and developed in the local market supporting the area's busy industrial fabric. It went on to become well-known first at the national level, and then at the international level, as a reliable partner of the numerous customers it works with on a regular basis. The company has grown with the market and its prospects are already mapped out for the future: Intrawelt® adapts and invests heavily in structures, technology, and human and commercial resources.


We apply our skills and professional approach to the benefit of our customers, allowing them to open their doors to the multicultural global society of today and tomorrow; the world, its languages and new technologies are our dalily challenges.


A close-knit team of professionals at your service. Intrawelt's strength is built on our staff: the 15 project managers and 5 sales managers, together with 2 software engineers, 3 DTP specialists and the administrative team, that manage the different projects in various language combinations and liaise with the hundreds of freelance professional translators who work with Intrawelt® on a permanent basis. Intrawelt® is constantly moving forward, both in terms of training and technology. Making use of all the most cutting-edge hardware and software systems, the company is able to offer rapid, top-quality translation and interpreting services.


Head office:

icon 1Porto Sant'Elpidio (Fermo), 63821 - Via Elpidiense 14

icon 2+39 0734 993744

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Sales offices:

location Pioltello (Milan), 20096 - Via Cimabue, 17/10

phone/fax +39 02 92101676

mobile +39 346 5006162

location Rome, 00128 - Via Carmelo Maestrini

phone/fax +39 06 45437779

icon 2 +39 346 5006087

location Agello (PG), 06063 - Via Amedeo Tiberi, 4

icon 2 +39 347 0371668

location Germany: Am Schlossberg 12b - D-82547 - Eurasburg bei München

phone/fax +49 (0)1520 7750527

location UK: 25 Old Broad Street - EC2N 1HN - London

phone/fax +44 (0)203 6572572

Translation is not a matter of words only, it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.